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Bespoke furniture & storage solutions 

For over twenty years Anne Gleed have been designing bespoke furniture. 

As a business we pride ourselves on our modern design combined with traditional skills. From unique storage, display units  and upholstery to bespoke home offices, kitchens and wardrobes. We create furniture that is unique to you. Providing bespoke furniture that meets your needs, whether the requirement is practical, modern, stylish or there is a design challenge to overcome. 

We are asked for designs that maximise space, create clever storage solutions and are durable for family life. Every job is different, from listed country homes to modern sea view apartments. 


We also look for designs to be sustainability produced, using local crafts people, supporting the south west industries but not costing the earth. 

We have added solar panels and an air source heat pump to our current design studio and look to use sustainable materials where possible.  

See our sustainability section for further information.

Bespoke Furniture 

We often find that clients can't find what they’re looking for on the high street or the internet, as often what they’re looking for is too expensive, the wrong size, shape or colour. We look at ways to create furniture to meet the smallest budget or the most extravagant.

We frequently build lighting into joinery, shelving, wardrobes, and recesses that become an integral part of our schemes. 

Bespoke television unit

For example, a client wanted a television unit but only had a relatively small budget. Firstly, we looked at their living space and worked out what size would work best and what style the client was trying to achieve over all for her living room. From that, we designed a long and low television unit that acted as additional storage and display space for the room. We used two off-the-shelf base units to keep the cost down but added a bespoke hidden plinth and lime washed oak top. This softened the overall look whilst still keeping it streamlined and modern.

Bespoke wall-to-wall wardrobes

One of our clients wanted wall to wall wardrobes but was finding the made-to-measure services provided by retailers too expensive. We managed to reduce the cost by using local craftsman and a plywood carcass instead of a more expensive wood interior. For the exterior we used off the shelf doors mixed with a beautiful contrasted Walnut. Because our craftsman put great care in to choosing the ply sheets and adding joinery detail to the wardrobe it gave an overall affect far greater than its actual cost. 

"We absolutely loved the designs. Anne thought of things we would have never even have considered. She had great ideas and also ready to listen to our ideas. We have a young child with too much stuff so needed lots of storage. Anne Gleed Interiors really managed to create very special storage solutions."

Alex Thompson - March 2019

Project Price: £1,000 – £9,999

"We are absolutely delighted with our home office. Anne really made our dream Pinterest board come to life. It’s a pleasure to work at home now."

Jenni Lyon - April 2019

Project Price: £1,000 – £9,999

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